Monday, 19 October 2015

Character proposal


For my character project I was given three cards in which I will have to use to design a game. My cards are the following "Oceanic", "Upgrades" and "Worm Holes" after allot of thinking of how I could possibly incorporate all of these into one game I have come up with a suitable idea in which would be a very unique game. I am planning on making an IOS and android game called Pimp My Fin the app is free to play and you can upgrade you characters by playing the game with optional purchases for the people who just cant wait for the next upgrade.

I am going to create a racing game, the unique thing about this game is the and the fact that there is no cars involved. You will have a wide choice of sea creatures and race against six people per map. Depending on your racing style will depend on which character you choose to play as due to the fact that each sea creature has its own special abilities. During the coarse of a race there are portals in which a character has the option to travel through but this is a real gamble as you don't know if it will put you in front of the race or further back on the race.

The upgrade system will works by using a points system, for example to win the most points you must win the race but you also get points for performing your special abilities. this works in a way that a player who is in mid table could nearly get as many points the player in second place as they have used there upgrades in a way which affects the players in front of him. There other ways to upgrade you character other then your special abilities you can upgrade your appearance from the colours of your characters to the design of them so you could have a bigger fin which would increase the acceleration and speed of your characters.

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