Friday, 12 February 2016

Adaptation B

I have  found the audio clip in which I shall use and also manipulate using another clip of James saying "oh cock" to finish the the animation in a humours manner before both Richard and Jeremy abandon him stuck. I originally had planned this to be set in a kitchen but have decided to portray the three as animal. Jeremy being a rhino, Richard a hamster and Jam aka captain slow as a sloth. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Adaptation B

audio clip from start untill 1:22

I have found the audio clip in which I shall use and adapt into a kitchen chat show using Clarckson as a grouchy rusty toaster, Hammond as an egg timer and James may as Blender  

Infographics Storyboards changed due to re written script

infographic narrators script (draft nearly finished)

Hello and welcome, on-today's show we are going to be looking at the science behind "Laziness".

Here is an example of a brain, some maybe, small some maybe big but this is a "Lazy" Brain.

Id like you to meet Exhibit A, who is he unfortunate owner of this lazy brain, watch as his alarm awakes him from his slumber. he chooses to turn it of and return back for a few hours kip, why? because he has chosen sleep is more important then his job.

Once exhibit A has managed to rise from his pit of slumber he is aware he is late for work. he has made the choice to phone his employer and claim he is "sick". It is fairly obvious that exhibit A isn't sick but he has chosen to do this so he can laze around.
Like most people our friend here Exhibit A has a long list of things to-do, but rather then choosing to do them he decides to hide from his problems and bury his head in the sand why you may ask it is so he can return to his much more primal state "The couch Potato" by doing so he shall sit there watching TV and eating salty snacks.

Once the day has passed and exhibit A hasn't touched his to-do list it is supper time. If A's brain wasn't so lazy he would cook a wholesome meal but he has chosen to order food through an application called just eat. Why has he chosen to do this you may ask well exhibit A would simply say "it easier".

Once exhibit A is done feasting on his Mixed meat and chips, he sits there complaining about his food baby and realises he hasn't actually bathed today. Hygiene is extremely important to us humans but to a lazy human like oh dear friend here its not so important. Rather then having a shower exhibit A has chosen to return to his pit of slumber, maybe because he is over tired, maybe to try and nap his food baby away or maybe because he is simply "lazy"

Friday, 8 January 2016

pipeline submission

UV part 1 & 2 and Complete Skinning

Tutorials 14-20

Tutorials 1 - 13

The science of......

The science of the brain
The science of addiction
The science of fun
The science of lazziness
The science of motivation
The science of power
The science of the internet
The science of food
The science of music
The science of people