Friday, 5 February 2016

part 2


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  2. “Self Sabotage – Behaviour which leads to the destruction of longer goals”

    Adam, it’s very hard to give you feedback for this incomplete project so instead I want you to consider the statement above, it refers to ‘behaviour’ which can lead to the collapse of a longer term goal – In this case your project. Whilst I know you’re focused on the final day and ‘the render that didn’t work’ I’d like you to consider the prospect that the real problem started much earlier and is the result of poor time management (self sabotaging behaviour). For example, why were you rendering your work on the last day of the project? A dangerous strategy that means it was very hard to help you (an hour from the deadline). I’d be inclined to be more understanding if this was the first time this had happened however, poor time management has led you to submit incomplete work three times - The Narrative Project, the Character Project, and now Part A of the Adaptation Project. I’m also concerned by your question “is it ok to submit my work late?”, again another symptom of poor time management. Sorry, but a deadline is a deadline and at degree level there is no ‘extra time’. Adam, you may detect a degree of frustration in this feedback, that’s because I can see that you want to do well, are trying, and have improved your work. If you can fix your time management it will finally allow you to achieve your potential – I suggest for Part B that you make this a priority, work consistently, don’t leave things until the last minute, and make the deadline on time. Above all finish this work and uploaded as soon as possible. I will give you more specific feedback once that has happened.