Thursday, 18 September 2014


  1. Dear Adam,

    I owe you an apology! You must have been feeling a bit neglected, considering I'd failed to give you a shout out on the group blog when you first sent me your url through. I missed you out somehow, so apologies for not dropping by and saying hi before now. Nothing personal, and certainly no judgement on the work you've already uploaded. I've just posted the complete list of year one blogs on the group blog, so you should be picking up some traffic and followers soon - and I'll be sorting you out with a mentor shortly.

    A couple of things then: you need to include the official course title and location on your template so, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and UCA Rochester. Also don't forget to always give your blog posts a relevant title.

    I look forward to seeing lots of work on here now - thumbnails a-gogo - and remember what pretty much everyone told you about the film reviews and weekly tasks (cg artist's toolkit etc). You need to keep on top of them, or you will run into difficulty - oh you need to look at these links too:

    Apologies again for leaving you out in the cold for a few days - you're absolutely on my radar now :)

  2. Your classmate, Dan Reason has a new blog url after some tech gremlins messed with his original - please add him to your reading list, as he's been follower-less since day one :(