Thursday, 11 December 2014


I have woken up not knowing who I am or were I am, I cannot describe to you what I look like as I don’t remember, I am only going on what my features feel like. I cannot tell you about my history as far as I am concerned I don’t have one I have woken up feeling like the world has given birth to me again to just let me die stranded in this desert. All I know is that I am to hot and can’t survive in these hot conditions and need to seek help. After an exhausting journey through an extremely hot desert I have come to a point where I am close to giving up. I don’t think I can carry on, my body is running out of energy and I can start to feel my mind drifting and the numbness of my aching body to go. I am considering taking a break and resting when I reach the nearby peak of this sand dune but I am not entirely sure if that’s a wise move. As I reached the peak what I could see was nothing short of a miracle but was somewhat amazing. A beautiful colourful city which didn’t quite make sense, at my first glance I thought this was the end and that my mind was playing tricks on me but as I began to walk further I realised that I was in fact sane and that I had discovered a metropolis that’s physics made no sense to any human study and was defying the laws of physics.

 As I begin to approach the city I begin to realise that the architecture of the buildings are completely unique taking barely any influence from any other cultures with a much more crisp and clean organic forms to their structures. I have never seen any buildings quite so big and breathe taking. As I am walking to the city I begin to think how is it that I have never heard of this place and how is it I haven’t seen one road that leads to it. I finally reach the city gates after walking for another good mile were I am greeted by a voice com asking how it is I have come open there hidden city and what my purpose it is that I am here. I explained that I woke up with no memory of who I am or how I ended up here but am in some serious need of water for dehydration, I pleaded for their help and waited for a reply anxiously, I didn’t even get a reply I went to pleaded once more but as my mouth open the gates had opened and I stepped foot in this metropolis like no other, I feel my knees go weak and my mind go blank I can feel myself fall to the floor.
Yet again I have woken from blacking out this time I am in the company of a doctor who explains that my body is in perfect condition and that I will be fine. I am startled with so many questions he tells me that I should get out of bed and walk with him whilst he explains what will happen from here on. We’ve been speaking for some time now and he has explained that I have reached the richest and wealthiest part of world hidden away from the media and the outside world it answers to no country and has their own form of laws and government in some respects it’s not just a city but a country in its own rights as it answers to no country. The doctor begins to explain that once allowed into the city there is no exit and that each person has a there role and that I am to attend my appointment at the job centre which is in 3 hours. He leaves me with a digital map allowing me to explore the city and find the job centre.

As I walk round the city the first thing that stands out to me is how some buildings are strapped to the floor as if they are ready to float of into space. They look amazing but I wonder how it is that they work and what purpose is it that they are floating and how did people even enter the building. I am so amazed so I take my time to stand there and analyse the building as I’m looking I notice on my digital map that its turned twelve o’clock and suddenly the bottom of the sphere has opened and a multiple lifts have begun to come down to the floor and people are leaving. I notice on the map that these buildings are in fact company buildings which would make sense that people leave it time sync to clock work, although this place is huge it troubles meme it has a sinister tone to it as the place is incredibly beautiful and colourful but there is kind of feel of being trapped here like once you’re in the building you aren’t allowed to leave once your shift is over and the fact I haven’t been given an option to leave.

I carry on walking round the streets of this kind of utopia looking metropolis coming across buildings that bend and curve forming beautiful shapes but don’t have any form of structure to support them which I can’t work out how this is possible it is clear that this is a city the is far more advanced then what I recall civilisation is like. I notice that buildings also intertwined with each over above you so when you walking along the street the building to the left of you will bend to the one to the right and joining there structures.  As I know I’m not left with much time I just analyse the rest of the city using the map and the city has everything it needs but has a clear difference between class although the place has been built for the rich and is utopia for them on the outer skirts of the city  difference it has the inner circle of the city were the rich are where they live there every day lives not having to work or have a care in the world from the Arial view it look like an incredibly wealthy suburbs with dome pods for houses. On the outside of this extremely wealthy area you have places of leisure and things every city needs for entertainment like clubs and cinema all still winding and connecting hectically round the city. On the outer side of this you have the factories and were people like me I assume work who work enough to get by to live in this utopia.
When I reach the job centre it is the only building that is completely white like a blank canvas I’m assuming it’s because it’s a fresh start to a new life. When I entre I realise how clean the interior of the building is and how almost alien it is to what I remember. There is a row of chairs made of a jelly material that are extremely comfy I sit here looking around waiting for my new life to begin wondering what lays ahead of me.

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