Wednesday, 8 October 2014


  1. OGR 10/10/2014

    Hi Adam,

    Okay - first things first; in terms of blogging/professionalism/presentation this 'OGR' pretty much misses the mark on all counts - but if you've been looking around at your classmates' efforts, you'll know this already - but just to make absolutely sure you get my point, look at these:

    Okay, point made I hope. One of the basics on this course is that you start investing in your own brand from day one...

    Now, onto Octavia - hmmm, now I've left loads and loads of feedback on this particular city, because it's obviously a favourite, but I've also had to have a few discussions encouraging students to actually look again at Calvino's extract, because people are reading 'spider web' and not thinking about the other details in the mix.

    Your thumbnails are very 'about the mountains' and don't seem yet to be too interested in the construction/character of the city itself. I'm going to link you to the OGRs of some of your Octavia dwelling classmates, because much of the advice I've left there (visual reference etc) would help you to start to think much more imaginatively/curiously about this incredibly suspended city:

    In general terms, Adam - it's clear you need to pick up the pace and make some interesting, thoughtful work. You need to dig in and actually design something - drawing a city isn't the same as being a concept artist who has been commissioned to imagine an amazing place for the benefit of everyone else. 'Be amazing!'

  2. oh - forgot to the say - the idea that this city is a kind of 'post-apocalyptic' shanty town is interesting - especially if read again about all the stuff that's hanging from the bottom of it - almost like a hanging rubbish heap. For further reference, go back to the real world - so look at shanty towns for that sense of places that are built up out of separate components and junk: