Wednesday, 8 October 2014

more thumbnails

19-34 octavia 

35-42 armilla, 43-47 despina, 48-50 esmeralda, 51-53 baucis

54-58 diomira, 59-64 ersilia

72-82 fedora,  65- 71 zirma, 72-82 fedora

 83-89 moriana, 

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  1. Sorry, I did try leaving a comment last few days but I have been unable due to blogger being a bit iffy.


    Ill try and leave a short vision to the long one I tried to send you before XD

    Okay so, I very much like these and good to see them up and together! With the 1st lot im not quite sure what is going on in them but the feel and mood i do very much like in 25. I see the water ways in Venice within this, however, would be good to slowly work into these so they communicate a little more.

    I also very much like 49 and 50. However, What I want to see in 50 is slightly out of reach, I want to see whats behind the water gate. Possibly using a different perceptive, like your looking up over the gates to see what is behind.

    I also like 67 although I think it may be good to adress the curtains going on within the shot. What i mean by this is your walls to which cover most the the image which, in all fairness, do not really relay anything much and just take up room. What may be good as if it is like seeing it through someones eyes (so first person), maybe someone standing on to one side on the path about to leave the tunnel looking out to what ever is out there in the centre of the image. So you may still have a little bit of the wall to get the perspective correct and the feel as if you looking through there eyes. Even a little bit of the persons shadow could be within the image.

    All in all, I like these but I suggest you start to think and work into them a little more to make sense of the image and perspectives you wish to use for each shot.

    Good work, keep it up!