Wednesday, 1 October 2014

was concentrating more on structures and forms with these 9 thumbnails


  1. Some of these are getting a really good sense of depth, for example 17, 16, and 10, are giving me a good understanding of where everything is from your idea.

  2. Hi Adam,
    You have a promising start to your thumbnails, they are a little low contrast at the moment. Think about how you can push and balance the lights and darks,


    Don't forget the two tutorials you have to do for Monday..... As a reminder they are:

    Character Part 1: Modelling

  3. maybe a combo of 11 and 15, its hard to see where the foreground, midground and background differentiate in your thumbnails
    Remember foreground should be the darkest then it gets more washed out and less saturated the further it goes back - something i try to do is work on a thumbnail/painting zoomed out that way it if looks good from that point you can then (and only then) zoom in to correct anything or add details
    what colour pallettes are you thinking of?

  4. Other than what Simon has pointed out about the contrast between light and dark (as at the moment they all are quite dark looking which makes them feel same-ish - try playing with your tones, playing with these, your out come can become very different even with the same image) this is all looking promising.

    Be good to see more so we can see where your mind is taking you on your journey of exploration and reactions to your influences. Saying that, it would be good to see a little more activity with your resurch as at the moment I am not sure if you have done any? I know you said you would look into Venice, would be nice to see what you found out.

    Keep on pushing, remember, thumbnails are quick and simple ways to get your idea out on show, may not seem it but they are very important to help you and your understanding of your own work and ideas (as well as people on the out side so we can understand where you are going and help you as much as we can)

    Keep on pushing ;)