Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Green light review 2

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  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Adam,

    I like this! I think it needs a bit more finesse (and I still think the blue sofa is a let down in terms of design, and in terms of this trashy, kitsch city!), but I like its cheek, and its crassness and its fake plastic trashiness. As discussed earlier, I do think you need to move the train on from just being a big schlong to being a train in the image of a big schlong; so in particular, the balls or back of the train need more development in terms of taking on the language of vehicle design. In terms of some of the surfaces - the grass - maybe you need to think a bit more about bringing that closer to Koons, so ensuring we read it as fake plastic grass or similar.

    The short version is this: your job as a designer hasn't stopped yet; I want you to finesse every element in this scene and think about how even the smallest element should reflect your artist - like that blue sofa! For me, even the wooden slats of the railway don't quite fit; wouldn't a Koonsian railway be more like this?

    (i.e. more kitschy and pop-culture and less 'wooden and traditional'?)

    I want to see you finesse this idea further, Adam - go for the details - because the extra work will be worth it.