Wednesday, 5 November 2014



  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hey Adam,

    I enjoyed your travelogue piece - a bit nightmarish actually, which I think is in keeping with Koons' work - which, let's face it, has a sort of fever-dream quality to it. I think you mean 'euphemism' as opposed to uthanism - so the idea that the trains, tunnels and openings are symbolic of intercourse? In all honesty, Adam, the thing about Koons is he isn't subtle so really, you could make things a little more vulgar than that and it would be okay in this context! There's something cheap and tacky about Koons - he knows that, it's his 'thing' - so I think your city should reflect that and not be too afraid of 'going there' - for example, in your metropolis, maybe billboards showing pornographic images are just a normal thing?

    In terms of further visual reference, I think you should look at Wreck-It Ralph and also 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs' - I know, miles apart from Koons - but there are worlds/components in both those movies that have that kitsch, over-sized quality - a sense of the artificial and the playful and 'plastic' writ-large and up-scaled. In terms of getting Koons balloon-feel into your world, looking at the design of these cartoon worlds might be helpful:

    I'd like to see you do a bit more research into the concept of 'kitsch' - a category of art and culture that is purposefully naff/vulgar/tacky. Your Koons-inspired Metropolis would definitely have this characteristic and I think you could embrace it more fully; there could and perhaps should be something more 'cartoonish' about your city - even if the cartoon is a bit x-rated!

    The thing with Koons is this; his work is fun in a fake, slightly sinister way; the way a clown is 'fun' but also 'wrong' - the way a cheap sex doll is 'sexy' but also 'terrible' - I think you need to get a bit of that 'tacky souvenir' feeling into this world. It might also help for you to look at Las Vegas for further inspiration - a glitzy sexy location that is also fake, cheap and a bit seedy...

    1. hi Phill thanks allot for the feedback il get on and start to draw up more thumbnails being allot less subtle and be more adventurous. Its funny that you mention las Vegas as the image on the top left of my influence map is a shot of las vegas in the Nevada Desert.