Wednesday, 19 November 2014

production art not entirely to sure what one to use, im stuck between 1 & 3 dont like the look of the train with one continuous window


  1. You've got to love this course sometimes, right?

    I can't believe we're having discussions around whether a large phallic train has windows. I think you need to make a decision, Adam - you've got some 'anatomically correct' veining on your train - but that's turning it into 'a penis' - too much so - surely it needs to be unmistakably a penis, without actually being one? It needs to be convincingly a train too; my advice is (can't believe I'm giving you this advice!) is to look, not at penises, but at sex toys that are a bit more stylised; right now, the windows are destined to look 'wrong' because the 'train' itself is not a enough of an actual train (right now you're drawing a penis with windows, as opposed to a penis-like train with windows...) Do you see there's a difference there? So less of this:

    and more this:

    Windows/portholes won't look strange if you stylise your train further - and don't forget to also look at actual trains:

  2. oh also - don't put your blog written content into the post title - give your post title a clear label 'Train Design - Question?' - and then reflect/articulate in the actual blog post itself.

  3. haha im really starting to enjoy this coarse now and getting into my work, cheers for the advise i think im going to make it look less flesh like and more metallic with a crisp and clean finish with the portholes